4 Types of Loading Dock Safety Gate Systems

If you operate a manufacturing or distribution facility, you recognize how busy these usually are, with people and consignments moving in and out all the time. But if loading dock doors are left open and unguarded, operations within your facility may expose forklift drivers and pedestrian traffic to the risk of fall. But loading dock safety gates can seal the rail openings and eliminate the risk of fall. This is also a matter of compliance with OSHA rules. Here are some types of safety gates you can install at your dock:

Horizontal Gate

The horizontal may be manually or automatically operated to slide open or closed. After the material has been delivered, a timer or another activation device will close it. Your employees will then enjoy 100% fall protection as the closed gate complements your railing system in guarding against fall.

The Vertical Dock Safety Gate

When you don't have a lot of horizontal space, sealing dock railing openings with a vertical gate would be a great idea. This one too closes using a manual or automatic functionality. With on-deck installation, some 6-inch of space together with the width of the gate will be required. However, no such space is necessary for off-deck mounting.

The Dual Dock Safety Gate

The duo system will have two kinds of gates--the mega gate as well as the mini gate. One of the gates remains closed all the time, keeping fall protection in place. In the case the inner gate is closed, the outer one will open to let the forklift in. And after the pellet has been delivered into the loading zone, the inner one may be opened, after which the outer gate closes automatically. Safe access to the pellet is then made possible.

The Self-Closing System

There's the self closing mezzanine safety gate system that closes up against the load, completely guarding the mezzanine edge until the complete offloading of the material or removal of the pellet from the opening. It's a self-closing system seeing as the gates spring closed, guaranteeing the railing opening is sealed all the time.

The loading dockĀ openings that are not protected present a fall risk to personnel. Equally important, an employer is liable for any fall injury at the workplace that results from unsafe loading dock environments. To be on the right side of OSHA workplace safety laws, it makes sense that you're going to install the right loading dock gate .